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Caroline de Moraes, RTC, RPC-C

Clinic founder

Caroline is a compassionate and skilled mental health counsellor who brings a unique blend of therapeutic expertise and a deep understanding of spirituality to support individuals in deepening their self-awareness, developing coping strategies, and finding meaning in their challenges with trauma and abuse, grief and loss, addictions, relationship problems and immigration.

She has credentials as a professional counsellor, holistic wellness counsellor and qualified life coach, which have provided her with evidence-based therapeutic modalities. She is adept at utilizing various approaches, including dialect-behavioural therapy (DBT), mindfulness-based techniques, somatic therapies, trauma-informed care, and the enneagram psychospiritual system.


In addition, Caroline teaches emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mindfulness and is currently studying the therapeutic potential of the non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

Areas of practice: depression, anxiety, grief and loss, post traumatic stress disorder, immigration issues, personal and spiritual development. 

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