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Clinical counselling 

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Individual counselling 

Individual Counselling is for anyone struggling with mental and emotional issues or going through relationship challenges, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or those who are looking for self-development. This process will help you to improve your well-being, as well as understand your inner struggles and embrace change.  


Our Registered Counsellors are trauma-informed and especially influenced by Person-Centered therapy, integrating evidence-based modalities such as CBT, DBT, Somatic and Narrative Therapy. They believe that we are all unique individuals who bring a multitude of aspects that influence how we all experience and heal differently. 


Compassion and empathy are their drivers and our professionals are drawn from an anti-oppressive framework that considers diversity and multiculturalism. Please explore our practitioner’s profiles to choose the best support for your therapeutic needs.

***Most Extended Health Benefits cover counselling services. We encourage clients to contact their insurance provider to inquire if services from Registered Professional Counsellors (RPC) or Registered Therapeutic Counsellors (RTC) are covered by their personal plans and how the reimbursement process works. Each counsellor will provide the client with an invoice after the session that can be submitted to benefit providers for reimbursement.

Youth counseling

Counselling is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the therapist and the client. Privacy is especially important in securing and maintaining that trust. This is particularly true for youth who are naturally developing a greater sense of independence or autonomy. It is important that the youth has the freedom to express themselves in the therapy sessions with the knowledge that the specific details about what they say or do will remain confidential and not be revealed to anyone without their consent. 


Our counsellors at Ilumina have experience working with youth from twelve to eighteen years old. We truly believe the therapeutic relationship improves with time and we value our client’s pace. We are here to help your kid to overcome challenges in school, become more secure in their relationships, learn how to deal with anxiety and depression as well as family challenges such as divorce or a loss of a loved one.

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Couples Counselling

Our couples counseling sessions offer a safe space to all sides to bring their concerns and issues, creating opportunities to unpack new ways of relating and communicating to each other. The therapist will help both parties to share vulnerability and learn how to improve their relationship exploring boundaries, expressing needs, working with attachment trauma, anger, and supporting the couple to strengthen their connection. 


At Ilumina we can help couples to improve their communication, find a way to solve conflicts, identify negative patterns of behavior and work to change them, setting goals, strengthening bonds and addressing specific issues such as trust issues, infidelity, financial disagreements, sexual difficulties, parenting conflicts, and more.


Also, couples therapy isn't only for troubled relationships. Some couples seek counseling as a preventive measure to strengthen their bond and learn valuable skills for maintaining a healthy relationship.


It's important to note that couples counseling is most effective when both partners are committed to the process and willing to actively participate. The therapist acts as a neutral third party, guiding the conversations and facilitating the growth and understanding of the couple. While not all relationships can be saved through counseling, many couples find that it helps them address their issues, improve their relationship dynamics, and make more informed decisions about their future together.


At Ilumina we honor the many ways of love and being in a relationship, including heterosexual, LGBTQIA+ as well as monogamous or non monogamous (polyamory).

Support groups

Our emotional support groups are virtual and offered on a seasonal basis to small groups of clients. The benefits of group counselling include interaction amongst group members, discussing shared experiences, improving communication and fostering growth. Our support groups are a safe space for all voices to be heard where feelings and emotions are welcome. 


At Ilumina our groups are trauma Informed, recognizing how trauma is common and understanding that every person may have experienced trauma in their lives. We shift the conversation from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What has happened to you?”. We foster empowerment, choice, peer support and mutual self-help, cultural, historical and gender neutrality.

We are currently offering the following groups: Spiritual journey Support group, Healing after break up, and You are whole

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Healing after break up

A six week online support group for people going through a break up, divorce or separation. We will meet weekly for one hour and half, and the facilitator will provide psychoeducation as well as there will be space for participants to share and process emotions. The topics to be explored are: the grieving process, understanding emotions, self-care, limiting beliefs, cultivating self-worth, moving forward and letting go.


Facilitator: Ana Atem


You are whole

A six week online support group for people who are looking for a group of like minded and self-aware people who want to embrace and navigate singleness in a healthy and intentional way. We will meet weekly for one hour and half, and the facilitator will provide psychoeducation as well as there will be space for participants to share and process emotions. The topics covered will be: I am single, now what?, limiting beliefs, befriending loneliness, exploring singlehood, attachment styles, navigating dating with intention.


Facilitator: Ana Atem


Spiritual journey support group

Many people embark on a spiritual journey motivated by significant changes, losses, or the nagging feeling that there is something more. Others constantly hear a "call" and don't know how to answer it or want to find a way out of so much suffering. Whatever the reason that leads you to develop your spirituality, it is essential to understand that this profound and challenging journey is often lonely and, therefore, can impact your mental health. 


In this eight-week online support group, the facilitator will provide psychoeducation and space for participants to share and process emotions. The topics covered will be from the ups and downs of your spiritual path, relationship changes and periods of isolation, death and dying to archetypes and dreams.


Facilitator: Caroline de Moraes

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