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Trauma informed therapy


Trauma informed therapy 

Trauma-informed practitioners understand the impacts of trauma, validate the client’s experience and acknowledge the potential paths of recovery. They recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients and fully integrate knowledge about trauma into their practice and model of care. In trauma-informed therapy there is a shift in the discussion from “what is wrong with the client?” to “ what has happened to the client?”


Trauma-informed therapy is a strengths-based practice that promotes trust, safety, collaboration and empowerment. It is founded on the understanding of what trauma is and how it impacts people. Its approach benefits all people, regardless of trauma history. At Ilumina practitioners use trauma-informed language, and focus on resourcing, stabilizing, skills building and regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It can be incredibly beneficial for clients going through a loss, depression, anxiety and survivors of sexual abuse.

***Most Extended Health Benefits cover counselling services. We encourage clients to contact their insurance provider to inquire if services from Registered Professional Counsellors (RPC) or Registered Therapeutic Counsellors (RTC) are covered by their personal plans and how the reimbursement process works. Each counsellor will provide the client with an invoice after the session that can be submitted to benefit providers for reimbursement.

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